Romney Campaign Response to the Democrats presidential candidate debate

“Tonight’s Democratic presidential candidates debate showcased just how unrealistic Hillary Clinton and her band of Democrats are when it comes to facing down the serious threats the nation faces in the world today.

“The Democrats want to reduce our foreign policy and national security posture to a garden party with just carrots and sticks, choosing empty rhetoric over any semblance of a detailed vision for safety and security.

Governor Romney firmly believes that America’splace in the world is defined by its strength and purpose, not just carrots and sticks held by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“On economic issues, the statements from Hillary Clinton and other Democrats had to make every American taxpayer shudder.

“Senator Clinton applauded a massive tax hike proposal that would crush economic growth in the country while further burdening working families and small businesses, proving once again that her tax and spend policies are out of touch with Americans who want to change the squandering ways of Washington.

-Kevin Madden, Romney for President campaign spokesman