Political Chowder Sunday from 11 to noon on WZMY TV --- debates, tolls, Huckabee, hedge fund millionaires and Kucinich

Democratic debates...count the bruises,

SEA endorses Oba...oops I mean Edwards, Pssst Congressman Hodes - the Republican opposition is lining up,

Katrina Swett goes for leadership, poise and commanding presence...hmmm I wonder who that is???

Merrimack is still Toll Heaven,

O'Leary accuses NH of being on a bender...make that a highway construction bender.

Is Huckabee really surging?

He is young, he is smart, he is rich, he is pissed and Gravel is grateful.

The presidential candidate who has seen UFO's now sees Arnie.

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11a.m. on Political Chowder


Political Chowder with host Arnie Arnesen
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Part One - The Round Table

Senator Robert Clegg (with Huckabee)
Republican Businessman Chris Wolfe (with Romney)
Attorney Finis Williams (Legal Counsel Democratic Party)

Part Two - Independent Expenditure

Gregory Chase, Hedge Fund manager and new political investor

Part Three - Candidate for President

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

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