Granite Staters Throw Their Support Behind Hillary

Don’t Take our Word for It, Take It From the Voters

NEW VIDEOS: Scenes from the Trail with Hillary Show Her Support Growing;  Excitement Building

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, the NH for Hillary campaign is pleased announce two new grassroots videos from the campaign trail. As the NH primary edges closer by the day, NH voters are making their choices and Senator Clinton is working hard to earn their support.

The first video includes interviews with University of New Hampshire (UNH) students. On November 1st, Hillary spoke to over 700 UNH students about the importance and rise of student activism. NH for Hillary announced over 352 Student Leaders for Hillary that day from 10 NH campuses.

Hillary Rallies UNH Students

Our second new video shows Hillary meeting with New Hampshire voters every step of the way along the campaign trail. She started her day at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester and then moved onto Concord to file for the NH primary and rally with supporters. Hillary also headed over to Crackskull’s Books and Coffee Newmarket. Hillary continues to show a positive commitment to New Hampshire voters and the issues that are important to them.

Hillary Meets with Granite Staters

Over the course of the past month, Hillary has made three more visits to New Hampshire. As she criss-crosses the state, voters are leaving impressed, inspired and ready to support her, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can take it straight from New Hampshire voters!

Below is a compilation of New Hampshire voters’ statements after meeting or hearing from Senator Clinton during recent visits to New Hampshire, when she traveled to Manchester, Concord, Claremont, Durham, Keene, Peterborough, Nashua, Newmarket, North Conway, Dover and Somersworth.


“I like the way she’s focusing on green energy. We all have to start focusing. She gave us a lot of things we can do as individuals and as a country. When I went to see them [John Edwards and Barack Obama], it was like a pep rally. Here, it was like she was giving us a reason to vote for her.”

Sarah S. Holder, Peterborough ( Keene Sentinel, 11/8/2007)

“Daughter Holly Reville, another ‘undecided’ who was invited to sit at the table by her mom, first said she was on the fence, but seemed ready to topple into the Clinton camp. ‘I want to see a woman in the White House,’ she said, backing Clinton's stance on universal health care, while worrying her three daughters could be drafted into a war. “I work three jobs,’ she said. ‘I make too much money to get government health care, I don't make enough to buy it.’”

Holly Reville, Conway (Conway Daily Sun, 11/9/2007)

“Everything she said was right on the button. I’ve been in high-tech for years, and her solutions sounded almost too good to be true.”

Charles Lafond, Merrimack Manager of engineering division GT Solar, registered Republican. (Nashua Telegraph, 10/11/2007)

“I was overwhelmed by what a dynamic speaker she was and she really address all the points that hit home for me, specifically healthcare…I was just overwhelmed.”

“I was overwhelmed by what a dynamic speaker she was and she really address all the points that hit home for me, specifically healthcare…I was just overwhelmed.”

Laura Fox, Bow (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

"(Clinton is) addressing the issues that matter most to me, and I know that as president, Hillary will end the war in Iraq, provide quality, affordable health care to every American, and lead us toward energy independence.”

Patricia Yosha, Exeter (Portsmouth Herald, 10/20/2007)

“I love Hillary I think she is fabulous, I think she is intelligent, I think she can think on her feet. She knows what she has to do and she is right on target with what she has to do.”

Bonnie Spinazzola, Bedford (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“She’s very down to earth. I like her plan, I like her plan for healthcare as well as her family plan…I’m sure she will be elected for our first woman President.”

-Patricia Giaquinto, Hooksett (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I have an 11 year-old daughter and I want to be able to show her if she is qualified, if she is capable, she can be anything she wants to be including president of the United States.

State Representative Melanie Levesque, Brookline (Nashua Telegraph, 10/11/07)

"When I've done more research on her policies, her voting record, her background, I've learned that she's not just the first women running for president, but I really believe she's the best one running for president."

-Rachel O'Brien, 23, Nashua (Fosters Daily Democrat, 11/2/07)

“I’m here today because I volunteer at the Rochester office. I do a lot I canvass, I make phone calls, I’ve written letters to the editors, blogs and I just felt like I needed to be here today. And one great thing that I love about Hillary is how she is not forgetting the middle class, she’s not forgetting those without insurance and those who are kind of falling beneath the cracks.”

Katie McCauley, UNH student, Durham (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I’m a first year grad student here at UNH I’m all for Hillary because I love all the plans that she has for healthcare, for college funding, I mean it is all relative to everyone…I know she is going to do it and that is why I’m here and I’m willing to do anything and everything to get her into office.”

Nancy Gegbe, Durham (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I support Senator Clinton because I feel that she has the most concise universal healthcare plan for this country and will improve our foreign relations and will get us back to the America that we are.”

David Jacobson, President, UNH for Hillary, Durham (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I’m a student here at UNH and I came out here to Hillary because I’ve always been a big fan, I love her, I love her family…and I feel like she can bring two parties together, make cohesive decisions and the fact that she has so much experience and she has proven that throughout the years… The past three decades she has been working for families and the middle class and I really could use the help, so that is why I am out here.”

David Schultz, Durham (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I’m a family studies major here at UNH and a volunteer for UNH for Hillary and the reason I support Hillary is because of the thirty-five years of hard work she has done for families.”

Sarah Grandmaison, Durham (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I’m a volunteer for UNH for Hillary and the reason why I support is that she has the vision to really help out the country and she definitely has the experience, being in the White House already for eight years…and the reason why I am out here today holding these signs is because I am really excited to see her and she is going to do a great job and she is going to change a lot of people’s minds. I have never seen her speak but I am very excited about it.”

Zack Leeser, UNH Student for Hillary, Durham (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I’m going to school at Plymouth State University and I am supporting Hillary because I think that she is the best choice for our next President.”

Katy Thurman, Plymouth (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“I go to school at Plymouth State University…I’m voting for Hillary because I think she has the best plan for our country and she has a strong record of standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves.”

Jennifer Clay, Plymouth (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“There is nothing I don’t like about her. I think that she is the most forward thinking and completely charismatic person I’ve ever seen talk…we feel we know her very well, we think she is so sincere and I think the she stands head and shoulders about the other people that are running.”

Vernice Lucas, Newmarket (NH for Hillary Grassroots video interview)

“We were thrilled to have Senator Clinton here at Cranmore, we had hoped to roll out the white carpet but Mother Nature didn't cooperate.”

Ben Wilcox, General Manager Cranmore Ski Area, Conway (Conway Daily Sun, 11/9/07)