Sen Clinton’s Agenda for Working Families: Helping New Hampshire’s Parents Balance Work & Family

Families today are struggling to find quality time with their children while meeting their responsibilities to their jobs. More women have entered the workforce – in New Hampshire, 65 percent of women with children under age six are in the labor force [i] – and today’s parents work longer hours than ever before. As a result, American parents have 22 fewer hours a week to spend with their kids than they did in 1969. A 2002 report by the Families and Work Institute found that 45 percent of employees say that work and family responsibilities interfere with each other, and 67 percent of working parents say they do not have enough time with their children.

“One of the major reasons I'm voting for Hillary Clinton for president is because she understands what it means to be a working mother - she is one herself,” said Marcy Orcutt of Manchester, a single mother of two. “Our country will be a better place when we have policies that promote paid family leave, ensure better access to high quality child care, and protect workers against pregnancy discrimination.”

Hillary Clinton believes that as these new challenges confront America’s families, our policies need to catch up. That is why she has announced a new work-family agenda for our modern economy. This bold new effort will give families the support they need to more effectively balance work and family obligations. Hillary’s plan will work in partnership with America’s businesses to ensure that pro-family work policies and increasing workplace flexibility help improve American competitiveness and economic growth.

“With sound policies and sensible investments, we can give parents more choices to make the decisions that are best for them,” said Senator Clinton. “We can make life a little easier for everyone – for mothers and for fathers – to do the most important job there is in any society: raising and nurturing the next generation. And that’s the right decision for all of us.”

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