Huckabee Campaign - 21% In Iowa

It happened. We broke 20% in Iowa, which pulled us to within 6% of Governor Romney!

How significant is this poll? Well a news report on MSNBC yesterday said that Governor Romney has spent over $10,000,000 on television ads in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. We have spent $0 on television advertising. As a supporter said on our campaign blog last night, it’s all about "Message, Message, Message!"

From the beginning of this campaign, we’ve taken each voter seriously and spoken to them sincerely about the issues that matter most to them: the sanctity of life, secure borders, education, preventative health care, the fair tax and so many more issues. Clearly people are responding.

So where do we go from here? We must redouble our grassroots efforts, expand our outreach in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and prepare to defend ourselves from a wave of negative attacks. When you raise and spend the kind of money some of these campaigns have, you can expect they won't give up easily, and I am afraid we haven't seen the worst of their false attacks.

We implemented a program a few days ago called the “Huckabee Truth Squad." With the help of supporters and volunteers all across the country--our Truth Squad, we’ve been able to defend ourselves against these attacks, and we’ve been able to do it at very low cost. Now however, we must step up our effort and that’s why I’m asking you to make an immediate, emergency, online contribution of $1(a buck for Huck!), $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000.

If you have been holding back from contributing, well hopefully this poll will help convince you that we do indeed have a GREAT chance of winning!  And that we have earned your support!

Last night we had over 400 first-time contributors to our campaign, and we have had almost 1,000 first-time contributors since Saturday morning. I hope you will be one of the 1,000 new supporters that will make their first contribution today and help us reach our goal.

The negative attacks picked up in intensity last night soon after the new Iowa poll was released as rival campaigns quickly used their surrogates in the media and new media to spin negative attacks and lies in an effort to slow down our momentum.

Your support today will help us hire the staff to counter the lies and negative attacks, reach new voters and run our first television ads in key early states.

Are you willing to commit to our campaign today? Will you let the lies and attacks from others prevent voters from reaching a decision on their own? 

Our need is great. This is a moment where your financial support is twice as important, because it will help inspire new donors to support our campaign and send a strong signal to our rivals and the media that we are building our base of support rapidly and are willing and able to respond to negative attacks.

Please give today. Your emergency, online contribution of $1(a buck for Huck!), $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, or even $1,000 will be invested immediately!

Will you personally endorse my campaign with your first online contribution?

Our goal is to end today with over $550,000 raised online this month. We are $84,552 from today's goal. With your first-time online support we will reach this goal!

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee