NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Votes to Jeopardize National Security

Supports Terrorist Loophole in Surveillance Bill, Fails to Secure Americans from Foreign Attacks

Washington- One of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's (NH-01) most important responsibilities in Congress is to protect the American people from future terrorist attacks. However, today, Carol Shea-Porter voted in lock-step with her liberal Democrat leadership to weaken our nation’s intelligence laws and to reopen the terrorist loophole.

Once again, Shea-Porter chose partisan discipline instead of standing up to protect the American people.  Against the recommendations of the National Director of Intelligence, Shea-Porter voted to add dangerous layers of red tape to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and to put our national security in the hands of bureaucratic government lawyers—not our nation’s intelligence experts:

“We are significantly burdened in capturing overseas communications of foreign terrorists planning to conduct attacks inside the United States. We must make the requested changes to protect our citizens and the nation. In today's threat environment, the FISA legislation is not agile enough to handle the community's and the country's intelligence needs.” (Director of National Intelligence testimony, 05/01/2007)  

This isn’t the Democrats’ first attempt to pass fatally flawed intelligence legislation.  Previously, the Democrats attempted to prohibit the U.S. intelligence community from conducting crucial surveillance on Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda and other known foreign terrorist groups seeking to attack the United States.

“The number one priority of Congress should be to protect the American people, but unfortunately, Carol Shea-Porter is proving she cannot be trusted with this responsibility as she continues to play politics with our national security,” said NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger. “Shea-Porter's voting record proves her allegiance to the Democrat leadership in Washington over her constituents in New Hampshire.”

Just before Shea-Porter voted to pass this fatally flawed legislation, she voted in lock-step with her Democrat leadership against a motion which would have helped to strengthen the FISA legislation by ensuring that the intelligence community had all necessary tools available in order to carry out their surveillance duties when the United States is at risk of an imminent attack (House Roll Call 1119) <> .

This summer, Republicans were able to force a vote on the Protect America Act, which closed the terrorist loophole in our intelligence laws. However, Carol Shea-Porter's vote for the Democrats’ FISA legislation today reverses this course and endangers our nation’s security (House Roll Call 1120) <> .