Romney Campaign - Response to push polls, official action by NH AG

Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), a Romney for President national co-chair, has released the following statement on reports of alleged push polling calls in New Hampshire:

Statement by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) on official action by the Office of the Attorney General in New Hampshire:

“New Hampshire voters are politically sophisticated enough to see through these types of negative campaign tactics and strongly resent this type of campaigning in our state. I know Attorney General Kelly Ayotte will see through this case with the seriousness it deserves in a thorough and timely fashion.”

-Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH), Romney forPresident National Co-Chair

Campaign Statement on reports of negative push polling attacks against Governor Romney :

"Whichever campaign is engaging in this type of awful religious bigotry as a line of political attack, it is repulsive and, to put it bluntly, un-American. There is no excuse for these attacks. Governor Romney is campaigning as an optimist who wants to lead the nation. These attacks are just the opposite. They are ugly and divisive."

-Matt Rhoades, Communications Director,Romney for President campaign


Statement on official action bythe Office of the Attorney General in New Hampshire :

“Representatives of Senator Judd Gregg, acting in his role as New Hampshire's Senator and a Romney state leader, asked New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte for an expedited investigation into alleged push polling calls.

“Attorney General Ayotte informed Senator Gregg’s office that the Attorney General’s office would conduct an expedited investigation into the calls to determine if they violated New Hampshire's strict laws.

“Attorney General Ayotte requested the names of individuals who received the calls, and the Romney campaign is cooperating in providing all relevant information it has.”

-Matt Rhoades, Communications Director,Romney for President campaign