Sen Obama Campaign - The Reviews are in

Washington Post (Chris Cillizza)“Democratic Debate: Winners and Losers”: …Winners… Obama offered himself as a credible and -- more importantly -- safe alternative to Clinton in last night's debate. The first 15 minutes were dominated by a back and forth between he and Clinton (a good thing for a campaign trying to turn this into a two-person race) and for much of the rest of the debate Obama offered his "we can do more" vision succinctly and forcefully. "Don't keep on assuming we can't do something," Obama scolded Blitzer at one point. "I am running for president because I think we can do it." LINK

Iowa Independent (Douglas Burns) “Obama Exposes Regional Difference With Clinton As Debate Turns For Him”: U.S. Sen. Barack Obama tonight turned in his strongest presidential debate performance and exposed a clear regional difference with front-runner Hillary Clinton. LINK

New Republic (Noam Scheiber): This was a solid night for Obama. He was focused, energized, tough, charismatic. Sometimes he can sound like his mind is elsewhere while answering a question--there are lots of  "um"s and"uh"s and not much direct eye contact. Tonight he resisted most of those tics. He showed some pluck in exchanges with Hillary on healthcare and Social Security. He was specific and knowledgeable on trade policy and immigration, even showing spontaneous flashes of humor on the latter. His only rough patch came on that infernal illegal alien driver's license question, which to my mind shouldn't even be asked. If the story line going into tonight was Obama building momentum, then I see no reason why it wouldn't continue. LINK

Marc Ambinder: …Obama reiterates support for the Peru Trade Agreement. a solid answer on China and the example of Japan.A very astute answer on a complex subject...a mastery of a domestic issue that doesn't come up everyday in every state...LINK

ABC News: Obamawith perhaps his toughest line of the night: "This is the kind of thing I would expect from Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney, where we start playing with numbers to try to make a point." LINK

Time (Mark Halperin): …Obama brought his new, effective stump speech rhetoric to the debate format, skillfully weaving his positive message with stinging jabs of Clinton's credibility. LINK

ABC News: Obama won't rank human rights and national security. He actually gave a good, thoughtful answer. LINK

MSNBC (Chuck Todd):Obama gets a nice moment for his campaign to replay by attacking the premise of the moderator's question regarding whether something can or can't be done. LINK

National Review Online (Jim Geraghty): …And then suddenly Obama stands and delivers the smack on Hillary I thought he never would. He notes that she's accused him of trying to raise the payroll tax for Social Security on the middle class."Only six percent of Americans make more than $97,000. Six percent is not the Middle class. This is the kind of thing I would expect from Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani to play with numbers." LINK