Elizabeth Edwards Campaigns Throughout NH, Launches 'Young Granite Staters for Edwards' Website

(Manchester, NH) – On the heels of Senator Edwards’ strong debate performance in Nevada, Elizabeth Edwards returned to New Hampshire today for two days of Graniteroots campaigning during which she spoke with the Young Democrats and Stonewall Democrats at their national conventions along with New Hampshire and national Democratic leaders at the DNC Northeastern Regional Conference in Manchester. Elizabeth will also attend house parties and town halls throughout the state.

“John understands our lives, knows our aspirations and has spent a lifetime solving the problems of real families,” said Elizabeth. “That is precisely the combination we need in our next president.”

As Elizabeth met with Young Democrats, Stonewall Democrats and NHDP members today in Manchester, the campaign launched a New Hampshire youth-specific website, Young Granite Staters for Edwards, at www.johnedwards.com/nh/youth.

The website includes tools to build networks through Facebook and Myspace, has a form to sign up for cell phone text message updatesabout the campaign, and much more.

Senator Edwards continues to lead the Democratic issues debate as his campaign begins canvassing New Hampshire today with The Plan to Build One America: Bold Solutions for Real Change, an 80-page booklet with all of Senator Edwards’ detailed proposals to bring real change to America. Campaign staff and volunteers will pass these booklets out to Granite Staters as they go door to door to build support for John Edwards. To read The Plan to Build One America, please visit: www.johnedwards.com/issues/plan-to-build-one-america.pdf.