CEI Blog - Congress Crushes American Dream, Food Police Return

OpenMarket.org, the Competitive Enterprise Institute's blog, had some great content this week.  Here are some highlights
Where are the Food Police When We Need Them?
If we're going to socialize medicine in the U.S., we need to think big.  Doug Bandow reasons that, "Since socializing health care means all of us would have to help pay the fat bill, it’s time we took a more radical approach. We should socialize food."
Congress Makes it Harder to Own Your Home
In order to protect us dumb Americans from doing something stupid, like trying to live the American dream, Congress has moved to make it harder for low-income families to improve their lives through home ownership.
Educational Monopoly Versus Educational Choice
Doug Bandow provides us with, "Yet another reason to let people keep their own money if they educate their children privately. Tuition tax credits and vouchers would move in the right direction, with full-scale educational privatization the ultimate solution."
Nets Are Nice, But Bugs Hate DDT
CEI's Semret Medhane sounds off about the lack of DDT use in Africa.  In order to make make Africa a no-malria continent all solutions must be considered, especially what is arguably the most effective.
Insurance Companies Profit From Death Tax
Why do some bad policies, like the estate tax, stay around so long?  Because someone is using big government to rig the system to their advantage!
DC Metro Meetings Held at Locations w/o Metro Service
Richard Morrison gives us a history lesson: "Over 230 years ago, colonists were complaining that a certain fellow named George had '…called together Legislative Bodies at Places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the Depository of their public Records, for the sole Purpose of fatiguing them into Compliance with his Measures.'"  DC Metro is up to them same tricks!
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Cord Blomquist
Assistant Editorial Director
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