SC Poll: Romney Rises, Hillary Leads


Posted by TOM BEVAN

NewWinthrop /ETV poll in South Carolina (Oct 7-28, 522 likely GOP primary voters, MoE 4.29%, and 534 likely Democratic primary voters, MoE 4.24%). The big news in the poll comes on the Republican side, where Romney, Giuliani and Thompson are in a statistical tie for the lead, with nearly 1 in 3 likely primary voters still undecided:

Thompson 17.9
Giuliani 16.5
Romney 16.5
McCain 9.2
Huckabee 5.4
Paul 2.1
Undecided 29.9

Onthe Democratic side, Clintonhas expanded her lead over Barack Obama to 10 points but, as with the GOP,nearly 1 in 3 Dem primary voters remain undecided:

Clinton 33.0
Obama 22.7
Edwards 9.6
Biden 2.4
Undecided 29.6

Other notables: 66.4% of GOP primary voters say their party should make a"special effort" to reach out to black and Hispanic voters, and of that group a full 47% said the GOP is currently not doing enough to reach out to minority voters. 62% of Republicans approve of the job President Bush is doing,87.9% of Democrats disapprove.

Ina head-to-head match up between Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, 7.6% of Democrats would cross over to vote for Rudy versus only 5.1% of Republican crossing for Hillary, a net 2.5% gain for Giuliani. However, that gain would be offset by the fact that more than 1 in 10 Republicans (11.2%) said they would vote for "neither" candidate or plain "wouldn't vote" in a Rudy-Hillary scenario, while only 4.9% of Democrats indicated they would do the same.