NH Education Leaders: We Trust Hillary to Provide Quality Education to Every American Family

Now is Not the Time for Inexperienced Leadership

MANCHESTER, NH – In response to Senator Obama’s newly announced education plan, Granite State education leaders Karen McDonough, former President of the National Education Association of New Hampshire, and Barbara Doyle, former Director of the National Education Association of New Hampshire and the current President of the New Hampshire Retired Educators Association, gave the following statements praising Senator Clinton’s 35-year commitment to improving our education system.

“I trust Hillary to make the real changes our education system needs because she has the experience and leadership to get it done. When it comes to our children’s education, we can’t take a chance on inexperienced leadership. There is too much at stake. Hillary Clinton has been working on behalf of children her entire life. She didn't just discover this issue,” said Barbara Doyle. “There are issues at all levels that must be addressed and it is very clear to me that Senator Clinton is right candidate to tackle the challenges we face.”

“Hillary Clinton has a clear understanding of the improvements that need to be made in our education system,” Karen McDonough. “She is actively working to establish universal pre-kindergarten, fully fund programs such as No Child Left Behind and Head Start, and make higher education accessible and affordable. I trust Hillary to make the real changes our education system needs.”

Over the past two weeks, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign has announced the names of over 500 educators from across the state who are supporting Senator Clinton. In addition, Dr. Lyonel Tracy, New Hampshire Commissioner of Education, recently announced his endorsement of Hillary for president.

As an advocate, First Lady, and United States Senator, Hillary has fought to raise the education standards in our nation’s schools. Hillary is committed to:

Making college accessible and affordable for all Americans by:

  • Lowering the cost of college through a $3,500 tuition tax credit, enough to cover more than 50% of the cost of tuition at the average public institution for many families.
  • Increasing the Pell Grant.
  • Strengthening community colleges and training programs.
  • Improving college graduation rates.
  • Providing additional aid for people who do public service.
  • Simplifying student aid.
  • Providing clear information about the real cost of college well in advance to help families plan.

Providing Early Mentoring and Support to Keep At-Risk Youth on Track by:

  • Expanding mentoring and support programs to help one million at-risk youth aspire for college and job success.


  • Launching a $100 million Public/Private Internship Initiative to give at-risk middle- and high-school students job skills and work experience during the summer.


Providing a national pre-K initiative for America’s children by:


  • Providing funding to states to establish high-quality pre-K programs. States would provide pre-K at no cost to children from low-income children and/or limited English homes.
  • Ensuring that programs prepare children to be ready to learn, states would have to ensure their pre-K programs they are high quality. This means hiring teachers with a bachelor’s degree and specialized training in early childhood development; using an age-appropriate curriculum; ensuring that each child receives individualized attention through low teacher to child ratios; and monitoring and providing oversight of children’s health and safety.
  • Working with Governors who use different methods for administering their early childhood systems, funds from this program will be allocated to Governors. Governors will use this funding to build upon their early childhood systems.
  • Meeting parents’ needs by requiring states to work with existing community-based preschools to ensure that parents a range of options when deciding where to enroll their children.
  • Allocating $5 billion in the first year to states to establish and administer universal Pre-K. Over the next five years, the federal commitment will increase to $10 billion as states increase their commitment to Pre-K.


Closing the Early Achievement Gap by:


  • Expanding access to high quality child care by increasing funding for the Child Care Development Block Grant to keep pace with rising costs.
  • Expanding Early Head Start, which Hillary helped to create when she was First Lady.
  • Investing in innovative nurse home visitation programs to help first-time mothers prepare for, and care for, their newborn children.

As President, Hillary Clinton will also fully fund No Child Left Behind and ensure the legislation supports early childhood education, improves teacher training, lowers class size, enhances parental involvement, eliminates environmental hazards in schools, and protects the programs that work for America’s children. She will also secure full funding for Head Start.