Edwards Unveils New Policies For Fighting Widespread Hunger Among America's Families

Launches “One Can Change America ” campaign to encourage supporters to take action to build a better America during the holiday season Also, Edwards’ “Thanksgiving” ad campaign begins airing today in three states

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Today, as American families begin to gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, Senator John Edwards laid out a six-point plan for fighting widespread hunger in America and unveiled the campaign’s “One Can Change America” campaign to encourage supporters to take action over the holiday season to build a better America.

“This week, as families across the country come together to give thanks, we are reminded of the sad fact that millions of American families still go hungry,” said Edwards. “Food insecurity is one more sign that the economy is not working for regular families. While the costs of health care and energy keep increasing, the average family is earning less than they did in 2000 and the cost of food is rising faster than it has at any time in nearly 20 years. More than 35 million Americans went hungry last year, including almost 13 million children.

“America is better than this,” Edwards continued. “I believe it is our moral obligation to fight the special interests in Washington and build One America where no man, woman or child goes hungry. But we don’t have to wait till 2009 to create change– we can start taking action right now. That’s why today I’m issuing the ‘One Can Change America’ challenge to encourage everyone this holiday season to get involved in their own communities and take part in building a better America from the ground up.”

Edwards’ six-point plan to address widespread hunger includes a call for Congress and the president to get back to work and pass a farm bill with strong nutrition programs, new proposals to expand food stamps and other food aid for low-income families and seniors, help for families facing the “heat or eat” dilemma due to high home heating costs, and ensuring healthy food access in every community by creating a national food access map and a Healthy Neighborhoods Seed Fund to promote healthy foods in every neighborhood.

The “One Can Change America” campaign will highlight how each one of us in our way, can take action now and help change America for the better over this holiday season. Starting today, the six-week effort will encourage supporters to volunteer at least one hour at a soup kitchen, donate at least one can to a food bank, give one lead-free children’s toy to a toy drive, and call on one friend or family member to do the same.

Beginning today, the Edwards campaign is also airing a special “Thanksgiving” ad which will run through the holiday in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In the 30-second spot, Edwards tells voters what he is most thankful for – a loving family and the promise of America – and delivers a personal message of thanks to the thousands of people he and Elizabeth have met on the campaign trail this year. The full commercial can be viewedhere: http://johnedwards.com/watch/thanksgiving .


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