Dr. Susan Lynch Endorses Hillary for President and Will Serve as National Campaign Co-chair

CONCORD, NH – Dr. Susan Lynch, Pediatrician and First Lady of New Hampshire, today announced she has endorsed Hillary for President. Dr. Lynch will serve as a national campaign Co-chair.

“I know Hillary Clinton and I believe she has the judgment, experience, passion and bipartisan record to get things done for the people of this country,” Dr. Lynch said. “As a mother and as a pediatrician, I share Hillary Clinton’s commitment to fighting for children and families. We face big challenges, and I believe Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to deliver the changes we need.”

Dr. Lynch is a pediatrician who works as a pediatric lipid specialist at the Cholesterol Treatment Center at Concord Hospital. Dr. Lynch has devoted her time to drawing more attention to childhood obesity, and promoting ways to encourage healthy eating habits and exercise for New Hampshire’s children. In 2004, Dr. Lynch joined nearly 300 other “Doctors for Dean” from across New Hampshire to support Howard Dean’s campaign for president. She and her husband, Governor John Lynch, live in Hopkinton, NH with their three children, Jacqueline, Julia, and Hayden.

“I am honored to have earned the support of Dr. Susan Lynch,” said Senator Clinton. “I have a deep respect for the work she has done as both a doctor and as First Lady. I look forward to continuing our work together and campaigning with her across the Granite State.”

In her remarks today, Dr. Lynch cited Senator Clinton’s bold, detailed plan to provide affordable and truly universal healthcare for every American. She also highlighted Senator Clinton’s strong bipartisan record including her championing the creation of the State Children’s Health Insurance(SCHIP) program; her efforts to expand TriCare benefits for members of the Guard and Reserve and their families; championing legislation for the critical testing of prescription drugs for children, and fighting for a sweeping overhaul of foster care and adoption out of foster care.