ROMNEY RECORD: A Pro-Life Record

Governor Romney Believes "Abortion Is The Wrong Choice":

Governor Mitt Romney Is Pro-Life And Believes "Abortion Is The Wrong Choice." (Governor Mitt Romney, Op-Ed, "Why I Vetoed The Contraception Bill," The Boston Globe , 7/26/05)

Governor Romney Praised The Recent U.S. Supreme Court For Upholding The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. "This decision represents a step forward in protecting the weakest and most innocent among us." (Governor Mitt Romney,"Statement On Today's Supreme Court Ruling," Press Release, 4/18/07)

Governor Romney Has A Record Of Siding WithLife:

Governor Romney: "Every decision I have made as Governor in a very liberal state has been on the side of favoring life." (Robert Behre, "Romney Gets S.C. Support," Charleston Post-Courier , 1/30/07)

· Governor Romney Vetoed Legislation That Would Have Provided For The "Morning After Pill" Without A Prescription. (Governor Mitt Romney, Op-Ed, "Why I Vetoed The Contraception Bill," The BostonGlobe , 7/26/05)

· Governor Romney Promoted Abstinence Education In The Classroom. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Announces Award Of Abstinence Education Contract," Press Release, 4/20/06)

· Governor Romney Vetoed Legislation That Would Have Changed The Longstanding Definition Of The Beginning Of Human Life From Fertilization To Implantation. (Governor Mitt Romney, Letter To The Massachusetts State Senate And House Of Representatives, 5/12/05)

· Governor Romney Supports Parental Notification Laws And Opposed Efforts To Weaken Parental Involvement. (John McElhenny, "O'Brien And Romney Spar In Last Debate Before Election," The Associated Press , 10/29/02)

· Governor Romney Supports Adult Stem Cell Research But Has Opposed Efforts To Advance Embryo-Destructive Research In Massachusetts. (Theo Emery, "Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Vetoes Stem Cell Bill," TheAssociated Press , 5/27/05)

Praise For Governor Romney's Record On Life Issues:

Prominent Pro-Life Attorney James Bopp Jr.: "Both conviction and courage are necessary for effective pro-life leadership, and Romney, in office, displayed both." (James Bopp Jr., Op-Ed, "The Best Choice Is Also A GoodChoice," National Review ,2/21/07)

Massachusetts Citizens For Life Executive Director Marie Sturgis: "Having Governor Romney in the corner office for the last four years has been one of the strongest assets the pro-life movement has had in Massachusetts." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "An Early Massachusetts Primary," National Review , 1/10/07)

Martha Zoller: "Mitt Romney made the move to life issues the way most of us do, through learning about the issue." (Martha Zoller, "Mitt Romney In The Southland," Human Events , 5/21/07)