Suffulk-WHDH Poll: Clinton up 12, Giuliani still in second to Romney


By James Pindell

Anew New Hampshire poll out this afternoon by Suffolk University for WHDH Channel 7 in Boston shows Hillary Clinton still with a double digit lead over Barack Obama, but does not show a recent drop in numbers for Rudy Giuliani that a recent CNN/WMUR showed last week.

And Fred Thompson at 2 percent? Wow.

Here is the breakout on the ballot test:

Mitt Romney 34
Rudy Giuliani 20
John McCain 13
Ron Paul 8
Mike Huckabee 7
Fred Thompson 2
all others 1

Hillary Clinton 34
Barack Obama 22
John Edwards 15
Bill Richardson 9
all others 3 or below

-The poll also found that Republicans most trust Mitt Romney to drive their children to school the most, while Democrats would choose Clinton (no one wanted Mike Gravel).

- A plurality of voters (49 percent) believe Obama is experienced enough to be president instead of saying he wasn't or they weren't sure.

-Regardless of who they liked Democrats said they believed Clinton would be the next president and Republicans said it would be Mitt Romney over all other candidates.

-Wording of the poll misspells the name of former Governor Jeanne Shaheen, who is running for the US Senate.

-81 percent said Bill Clinton was an asset to Hillary Clinton

-76 percent of respondents said New Hampshire will still have the first-in-the-nation presidential primary in 2012.

Posted by James Pindell