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Transcript Of Senator Judd Gregg's Statement:

"I thought this was a really good debate tonight, and I think it showed once again why Mitt Romney is such a strong candidate. He is a person who brings problem-solving to very complicated issues. He understands we need a strong America, we need strong families, we need a commitment to those values which have made our nation great, which is the understanding of entrepreneurship and a belief in the value that America is a special place and holds a special role in this world of defending liberty. Most importantly, he’s a problem-solver. This is a guy who gets things done and that’s what we need in Washington. We’re not getting things done in Washington. He’s somebody special. He solved the Olympics problem. He solved the Massachusetts problem, and he’s created jobs as an entrepreneur. What else can you ask for and he is a leader and he showed it tonight."

- Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH)

November 28, 2007