New Videos on LOST Treaty & Farm Subsidies

Plus Take Our Mini-Quiz on Global Warming

CEI Blogger Update
Thank to everyone who blogged about the Law of the Sea Treaty this week.  The blogosphere has been incredibly active as grassroots opposition to the treaty has swelled over the last few weeks.  Keeping watching for updates and visit our LOST page for additional resources.
Bureaucrash, a project of CEI, has produced a new video on the Law of the Sea Treaty that can be seen here.  It’s part of our Simpleton’s Guide, a series of videos dedicated to the proposition that “Simple is Better.”
CEI has also produced a video called “Farming for Dollars:  How farm subsidies harm consumers, taxpayers and the poor.” American farmers are making record incomes—an average of $85,000 per year—yet policies that raise food prices and continue the cycle of poverty in the 3rd world continue.  Americans deserve a more sensible policy.
Stop by the CEI homepage and take our online quiz.  In what year did a Washington Post (AP) article report on, "Unheard of temperatures in the Arctic," noting that "well known glaciers have entirely disappeared" and that "few seals and no white fish are being found in the eastern Arctic."  Take the quiz to find out!
Have a great weekend and happy blogging!
Cord Blomquist
Assistant Editorial Director
Competitive Enterprise Institute