Edwards for President Launches Innovative Online Graniteroots Tools

Campaign launches "37" video to motivate volunteers for 37-days out weekend canvass and innovative remote phone banking tool that allows New Hampshire volunteers to make calls for the campaign from the comfort of their own homes

Manchester, NH – As the New Hampshire primary approaches, the John Edwards for President campaign is launching its 37-days out canvassing push along with innovative online Graniteroots tools to continue building on its growing momentum and field program.

“With 12 offices and energized staff and volunteers in every corner of the state, Graniteroots momentum continues to grow for John Edwards,” said New Hampshire Press Secretary Kate Bedingfield. “As Senator Edwards always says, we are facing the moral test of our generation and together, we will meet it. These new and innovative online tools will allow more voters to roll up their sleeves and get actively involved in John Edwards' campaign for change here in New Hampshire."

On Sunday Dec. 2nd, there will be 37 days until the New Hampshire primary. But there will also be 37 million people living in poverty in our country. As part of an effort to mobilize supporters and volunteers for this weekend’s canvassing, the campaign has released a web ad that includes messages from volunteers and organizers all across the state explaining why poverty affects them. The spot also includes a special message from John Edwards at the end. View the ad here: http://johnedwards.com/nh.

The campaign is also launching an online phone banking tool at http://johnedwardsphonebank.com. This innovative site will allow New Hampshire volunteers to sign up to spread J ohn’s bold message of change by making phone calls andrecording the results from the comfort of their own homes.

The John Edwards for President campaign currently has 12 field offices in every corner of New Hampshire where volunteers can also come in and get involved in the campaign the old-fashioned way.