NH for Health Care Voters Lead Statewide RV Tour

Tour highlights Health Care Voters in each community pushing the presidential candidates to talk about comprehensive health care reform

Concord, New Hampshire – For the last five years, New Hampshire for Health Care Voters have attended candidate events, pushed health care legislation and been active in communities statewide as part of their efforts to make comprehensive health care reform a reality.

Over 70,000 New Hampshire voters so far have pledged to only support presidential candidates who make health care a top priority. NH Health Care Voters have a unique opportunity to shape the political dialogue through the first-in-the-nation primary.

A little over a month from now, these voters will make big decisions about who moves out of the primary and who gets left in New Hampshire – and a candidate’s plan for health care will help them make that determination. Health Care Voters across the Granite State will be visiting reporters door-to-door and participating in community events in a Health Care Voter Tour next week to share their personal reasons for pushing for access to quality, affordable health care for every American.

Who: New Hampshire for Health Care Voters

What: Health Care Voter Tour

When: Monday, December 3rd – Monday, December 10th

Where: Across the Granite State

Why: The Health Care Voter Tour is hosting intimate discussions for reporters with people in their community directly impacted by the high costs of health care. A broad range of Health Care Voters will be available throughout the tour, with focuses on the uninsured, small business owners, catastrophic illness and more. To schedule an interview contact Zandra Rice Hawkins at 603.892.2150 or zandra@nhforhealthcare.org .

**New Hampshire for Health Care Voters Available for Interview**

New Hampshire For Health Care is a Project  of SEIU