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Manchester Mayor endorses Giuliani

Mitt's "Willy Horton" Problem

You Tube Debates-playing to the stereotype.

Before Mrs. Governor Lynch endorsed Hillary, Mr. Governor Shaheen endorsed Hillary - What's up with the faux Endorsements?

Huckabee beating Romney in Iowa---but after Iowa, What????

Hillary is to Barbara Streisand as Barak is to Oprah

Our kids can't read- More Nations are passing US in reading skills

Obama Campaign sprinkling the cash around NH pols---is there a story here?

They are fleeing the ship of state - US Senator Trent Lott leaves Congress.

The Impeachment Movement comes to Dartmouth

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11a.m. on Political Chowder


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Part One - The Round Table

NH Business Review Editor Jeff Feingold
Attorney Brad Cook
Blogger and Radio Talk Host Doug Lambert - Granite Grok

Part Two - A case for Impeachment

Representative Betty Hall
John Nichols, Author of The Genius of Impeachment, The Founders Cure for Royalism

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