Romney For President Launches New Television Ad, "Historic Choice"

Boston, MA – At the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate, Romney for President launched its newest television ad, "Historic Choice."  The ad highlights the challenges confronting our country and the importance of electing a leader who has the experience, vision and values to move America forward.  Throughout his career, Governor Romney has had an exceptional record of turning around numerous companies, the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  As President, he will tackle the big problems by defending America from foreign threats, making our country more globally competitive, securing our borders and defending our most traditional values.    


The ad will be airing as part of the campaign's rotation in Iowa and New Hampshire. 

Script and viewing link are below. 


Script For "Historic Choice" (TV:30):


ANNOUNCER:  "It's an election like no other.


"An enemy lurks waiting to strike.


"Our main street economy is competing with mainland China.


"Legal vs. illegal doesn't seem to matter.


"Basic values like marriage are suddenly open to debate.


"For these challenges, ordinary isn't good enough.  We need the leader who gets the big stuff done. Take charge, demand results, no excuses.  Mitt Romney – the right experience, the right values, the right time."


GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY:  "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message."


To watch "Historic Choice," please see