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Happy Saturday from JEFP-NH, where we think fuzzy kittens are a good idea, but we don’t necessarily support them, but we can see the many advantages of them, and we think kittens are in a toughposition because the federal government has failed to adequately support them, but that’s not to say we’re pro-fuzzy kitten in any way. Got it?

The Week in Review

It was an Edwards-bonanza this week as Senator Edwards was here for a four-day trip with Mrs. Edwards and their children Emma Claire and Jack (with a brief flight out to Philadelphia for some event that garnered little attention … TIME: "A pitch perfect debate performance"; ABCNews Buzzmaker: "it was John Edwards who was the dominant force.").
During his trip, Senator Edwards criss-crossed the state for Graniteroots campaign events, officially filed for the NH Primary, picked up the endorsement from New Hampshire’s 10,000-member State Employees’ Association (SEIU Local 1984), and met with the editorial boards at the Portsmouth Herald and the Keene Sentinel. He finished off the jam-packed trip with some trick-or-treating with the kids in Bedford and a town hallin Manchester. Whew!

Building the Graniteroots

Portsmouth Herald: Edwards: Drug ad delay needed

LACONIA — Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said Sunday prescription drug companies should wait two years to begin advertising their new products to consumers.

Outlining a plan to regulate what he views as misleading drug ads, Edwards noted that annual spending on such ads nearly has quadrupled to $4 billion in the decade since the government relaxed rules on advertising directly to consumers.

Concord Monitor: Edwards assails Clinton, system

John Edwards yesterdaycast Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and her ties to lobbyists as part of a corrupt Washington system that voters should reject in the presidential election.

The speech in Manchester came on the same day that the former North Carolina senator filed paperwork to run on the state's Democratic primary ballot.

Portsmouth Herald: Elizabeth Edwards stumps for husband in Brentwood

Her husband's beliefs are strong and he is ready to stand up to the establishment, she said. "And that means we're going to have an advocate unlike one we've seen in a very long time," she said.

Edwards told the group that he was the best man to run against the Republicans in the election and has the best chance in the battleground states. "If we get him nominated, he's going to win," she said, adding he plans to campaign nationwide. "If the Red Sox didn't show up in Colorado, they're losing that game. The truth of the matter is that you've got to play in the game to win it."

It’s Official: John Edwards is on the NH Ballot!

Union Leader: John Edwards makes NH run official

Concord – Democrat John Edwards filed his candidacy in the New Hampshire primary this morning, the first of three major candidates expected to sign on the dotted line today.Edwards, 54, said he is the candidate who can bring real change because he won't be bound by funding from special interest committees and lobbyists.
He said voters in last year's elections sent more Democrats to Washington because they were unhappy with the way federal government operates. Democrats need to heed that message.

SEIU: 12 States, 1.03 million Rank and File Members for John Edwards

Union Leader: State employees union backing Edwards

Concord – The 10,000-member New Hampshire Service Employees International Union is endorsing former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards in the Democratic presidential primary, his campaign said Tuesday.

The campaign planned to formally announce the support, bringing Edwards' tally of state SEIU chapters to 12, during a 1:30 p.m. news conference Wednesday in Concord.

"We're thrilled to have the support of the hardworking families of the New Hampshire State Employees Association (SEIU Local 1984). John Edwards' commitment to guaranteeing universal health care, the work he has done standing shoulder to shoulder with organized labor and his strength as a candidate who can win the general election next year and bring a pro-union, pro-working-family agenda to the White House have earned him this critical support in New Hampshire," said Beth Leonard, Edwards' director for New Hampshire.

Editorial Board Meetings

You can see video of John Edwards’ meetings with the editorial boards of the Keene Sentinel and Portsmouth Herald here:

Keene Sentinel: http://www.nhelects.com/NHPrimaryVideos.asp?MultiID=54&HTitle=VLTitle
Portsmouth Herald: http://www.seacoastonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071030/NEWS/710300396/-1/NEWS06

Keene Sentinel: Edwards speaks on array of topics
Presidential hopeful John Edwards said he would drive a wedge between Iran's "radical" leader and the country's moderate citizens and use pressure and economic incentives to stabilize Iran and protect the U.S.
And, he said he didn't agree with the Senate's recent resolution designating Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist group.

"I think it is the first step in giving (the Bush administration) the authority to move on Iran," Edwards said in an editorial board meeting at The Sentinel on Wednesday. "It should make people very nervous ...
"If you've learned the lesson from the vote on Iraq - and I learned it the hard way - than you know you cannot trust (George W.) Bush and (Dick) Cheney and they have to be stopped."

The Week Ahead

The hits keep coming on W-JEFP this weekend, as we have Edwards for President National Campaign Manager Congressman David Bonior in state to open two new offices, and Mrs. Edwards coming for some Graniteroots campaigning. Senator Edwards will also be back for a two-day campaign swing this week.