Elizabeth Edwards Returns to NH for Day of Graniteroots Campaigning

Manchester, NH) – On Sunday, November 4th, Elizabeth Edwards returned to New Hampshire for a day of Graniteroots campaigning including house parties, town halls, and canvass kickoffs in Warner, Concord, Manchester, Goffstown and Derry. Elizabeth’s visit to the Granite State follows on the heels of Edwards' strong debate performance Tuesday night and Wednesday's endorsement by the New Hampshire State Employees' Association (SEIU local 1984).

"New Hampshire voters want to elect a leader with the strength and backbone to stand up to the special interests who are standing in the way of universal health care, affordable student loans and clean, renewable energy," said Elizabeth. "John is the candidate who has been fighting that fight his entire life on behalf of ordinary people like the ones with whom he grew up. In the White House, John will be the president who puts working families first."

Elizabeth's trip came during the Edwards campaign's American Heroes Week, in which John Edwards is highlighting his commitment to fighting for the real heroes of America – the men and women whose hard work makes our country great, but who have no voice in Washington. As president, Edwards will stand up to the powerful interests and fight for our real heroes, including America’s workers, teachers, veterans, soldiers, first responders, and the people of New Orleans. Elizabeth discussed Edwards' plans to stand up for these hardworking Americans with supporters, volunteers and undecided voters throughout the state.