Gov Richardson: Congress is too 'wimpy'

Monitor staff

Nov 5, 2007

"New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has chided other Democratic presidential candidates for squabbling with each other, but, during a meeting with Monitor editors, he wasn't shy about taking jabs at the Democratically controlled Congress."

""The Congress today is at an 11 percent approval rating. You know what's higher than the Congress? Dick Cheney," he said. "The only entity that is less popular than Democrats is Republicans in Congress and the president.""

"He called Congress "wimpy" and said lawmakers had failed to address matters crucial to America, like health care, the budget deficit and the war in Iraq. Those facts, he said, make the presidential race rosier for a governor like him. Richardson rattled off a list of reasons why Democrats went from sweeping last fall's mid-term elections to operating an unpopular legislative body...."