Sen Dodd Campaign Says Clinton Energy Plan WIithout Carbon Tax Empty Rhetoric

Washington, DC - Dodd Campaign Communications Director Hari Sevugan today released the following statement regarding Senator Clinton's energy plan, which favors only a cap-and-trade system as opposed to a Corporate Carbon Tax in combination with a cap-and-trade system, which Sen. Dodd proposed months ago.

"Ambitious goals are laudable, but without an honest discussion of how you achieve those goals it's nothing more than empty rhetoric.

"I don't know how it would do in a public poll, but leading experts agree that a corporate carbon tax targeted at polluters is needed to reverse the effects of global warming. That's why the Chairman of the Clinton White House Climate Change Task Force calls Chris Dodd's plan the gold standard in the field.

"This is a time for bold leadership, that will speak clearly with the American people about what needs to be done and has the proven ability to bring people together to actually get it done - and that's what Chris Dodd offers."