Edwards Discusses New Strategy for Iran Based on Lessons Learned from Iraq

Calls for an end to President Bush’s “preventive war” doctrine

(Manchester, NH) Today at campaign stops throughout New Hampshire, Senator John Edwards continued to discuss his strategy to contain Iran. Based on the lessons learned from Iraq, Edwards offered a comprehensive plan to deal with the threat of Iran, beginning with the repudiation and replacement of President Bush’s “preventive war” doctrine.

“The war in Iraq isn’t even history yet, but the Bush Administration is repeating the march to war with Iran – and they’re getting help from people who should know a lot better,” said Edwards. “George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the neocon warmongers used 9/11 to start a war with Iraq and now they’re trying to use Iraq to start a war with Iran. And we have to stop them.

“As a nation, we stand today at a fork in the road with Iran. We have a real choice about the direction we’ll take. One path will replay the last seven years. It leads toward a dark future of belligerence, aggression, and war. We need a new direction—one that will defuse the Iran threat, rather than aggravate it, one that will make America safer, not make the world more dangerous.

“There is a difference between doing everything in our power to keep America safe and a reckless, belligerent policy that actually makes us less safe. The preventive war doctrine was a stunning departure from the policy that had kept America safe during both world wars and during the Cold War. It is wrong on the merits, wrong on the morals, and wrong for America.”

Edwards outlined his comprehensive five-point strategy to contain Iran and force the country to give up its nuclear ambitions and its support of terrorism and insurgent activity:

  • First and foremost, end the preventive war doctrine.
  • Second, use tougher and more targeted economic sanctions to force Iran’s leaders to understand that they cannot continue to buck the will of the international community without destroying their ability to be a modern, advanced nation.
  • Third, use incentives to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions and re-join the world community.
  • Fourth, reengage with Iran using a new multi-level diplomatic approach.
  • Fifth, reengage with other major nations like Russia and China on the challenges facing Iran.

Today, Edwards is also focusing on the bravery, commitment and sacrifice of America’s veterans as part of “American Heroes Week.” During the week, which lasts from Thursday, November 1st through Wednesday, November 7th, Edwards is highlighting his commitment to fighting for the real heroes of America - the men and women whose hard work makes our country great, but who have no voice in Washington.

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