John Birch - Oppose Upcoming Peru FTA Vote


Call Now and Oppose Peru FTA Vote (NAFTA Expansion)

Take Action!

On the House floor Wednesday evening, Speaker Pelosi said if Democrats voted against the U.S.-Peru trade deal (H.R. 3688), it was doubtful they would support any trade deal ever. "I absolutely refuse to have the Democratic Party be viewed ... as an anti-trade party ... The Peru free trade agreement rises to the level of acceptance," she said.

This delay proves that opposition to these trade deals exists and is growing in strength. Just as a handful of freshman Republicans crossed up the power brokers in the CAFTA fight; this time it is freshman Democrats who have upped the stakes by opposing the Peru FTA.

The deal making and strong arming is going on fast and furious as this is being written. But it will take only as few as 20 Republicans to join the freshman Democrats in opposition to the agreement to defeat the measure altogether, in our estimation.

Call your congressman to demand a NO vote on the Peru FTA. Your immediate action could potentially stop this so-called "free trade" agreement from passing in the House (to make the calls, click here and enter your zip-code).

And, remember what's at stake. The Peru FTA is not just a stand-alone agreement. It is, at base, a part of a piecemeal attempt to expand the disastrous NAFTA agreement. As such, it is vital to our sovereignty, security and prosperity that it be stopped.