NH Asks Outlines Daily Ad Buy to Urge Presidential Candidates to Answer Questions

Thursday, November 8, Concord, NH, 11:30 a.m.

The Capitol Grille, 1 Eagle Square (Lunch Provided)

Contact: Roger Tilton 603-438-9976

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7—The founder and executive director of NH Asks meets the press Thursday to detail his organization’s advertising campaign aimed at urging presidential candidates to “come clean,” answer questions, and truly engage in a dialogue with ‘First in the Nation’ primary voters.

Nathaniel Gurien modeled this citizens’ organization on Thomas Jefferson’s belief that “to survive and thrive,” our democracy must have an informed citizenry. “We’re giving the candidates the opportunity to take the higher ground, to be responsive to New Hampshire’s voters, and to answer in a straightforward, truthful manner. We, the voters of New Hampshire, take our primary vote very seriously, and we would like to see the candidates acknowledge our questions with serious answers.”

NH Asks last week began a series of newspaper ads across the state that will soon run every day until the New Hampshire primary election, asking questions of the top 16 Democratic and Republican candidates—questions they have refused to answer, hedged their answers, or simply changed the subject when confronted with difficult questions.

NH Asks plans to rank the candidates on —S traightforwardness, Truthfulness & Responsiveness —with its STR scale. Gurien said he expects the campaigns will quickly respond in order to gain a high STR rating.

NH Asks works on behalf of our citizens to press the candidates, and lead them to accountability. NH Asks will begin publishing in our advertisements the candidates’ individual ratings - usually one week after posing questions. Candidates’ ratings will also be posted on the NH Asks website, www.nhasks.org. This will provide New Hampshire voters a clear indication of where the candidates stand on the issues.

Candidates are encouraged to answer via public statement, press release, and/or submit answers for unedited publication on our website. All citizens, in NH and around the country, are invited to cast their STR votes for each question for inclusion in any and all candidates’ STR rating. Candidates’ NH Asks STR rating will be impacted by non-responsiveness as well as the straightforwardness and truthfulness of their responses.

“The voters of New Hampshire have a right to a truthful and honest understanding of the positions, accomplishments, and policies of those who represent us, and those who seek to represent us,” Gurien said.

NH Asks encourages New Hampshire citizens, and citizens from around the country, to submit their own questions via email to suggest@nhasks.org.

Gurien said the three other members of NH Asks board of directors will attend the news conference and be available for questions.

NH Asks is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to promoting transparency and accountability in government.

Thomas Jefferson:

“For democracy to survive and thrive, there must an informed and vigilant citizenry.”

NH Asks mission statement:

· To encourage and facilitate meaningful dialogue, interaction, and communications between elected representatives and their NH constituents, as well as between candidates for public office and NH voters;

· To encourage and facilitate straightforward and truthful disclosure to NH voters of the positions, accomplishments, and policies of candidates for public office;

· To encourage and promote the restoration of courtesy, decency, civility and respectfulness to our political discourse.

NH Asks Board Members:

Roger Tilton, Nashua —asked Sen. Hillary Clinton a tough question about her Iraq War authorization vote in Berlin in February, and Clinton dodged it. Tilton works as a financial advisor for a Wall Street firm, claims he is a “liberal, with conservative fiscal views.”

Howard “Crow” Dickenson, Jr., Conway —affectionately known as the “Dean of the NH House” for his service as a Republican state rep for 29 years, Crow now serves as Selectman in the Town of Conway

Doug Lambert, Gilford —a conservative local firebrand and citizen-activist, Doug is co-founder of the blogsite: www.granitegrok.com. He writes a weekly column for the Laconia Daily Sun, as well as hosts a local radio show. Additionally, he operates a family business with his wife, Gisele and serves on his town’s Municipal Budget Committee.

Nathaniel Gurien, North Conway —asked Senator Hillary a tough question about Iraq in Berlin in February, and Clinton dodged it. Nathaniel operates a family business with his wife, Diane, and considers himself a “confirmed independent”, having supported the campaigns of both Republicans and Democrats.