NH GOP - Republican Successes in Municipal Elections

CONCORD – It’s easy to read more into municipal elections than is warranted, but I want to offer a couple thoughts on yesterday’s impressive Republican successes in local elections. Highlights include:

  • Frank Guinta’s re-election as Mayor in Manchester with 54 percent of the vote despite an all-out attack from Gov. John Lynch and the New Hampshire Democratic Party
  • Donnalee Lozeau’s election as Mayor of Nashua means both of NH’s largest cities continue to have Republican Mayors
  • The overwhelming defeat of mayoral candidate Kathy Rogers in Concord, who has earned a reputation as being an especially partisan Democrat
  • Dover voters passed a tax cap, a policy heavily favored by limited government fiscal conservatives

“The Republican Party is alive and well and moving in the right direction again in New Hampshire. Mayor Guinta earned re-election with strong performance in his first two years in office by controlling taxes, supporting public education, and fighting crime. New Hampshire Democrats, including personal efforts by Governor Lynch, poured resources into defeating Guinta and they failed. We at New Hampshire Republicans were proud to work in partnership with Guinta’s campaign providing staff help, mail, and get out the vote support, proving that we know how to win campaigns, too. Guinta and Lozeau’s victories demonstrate that New Hampshire did not suddenly turn blue last year. Their successes will help us with candidate recruitment as we work to restore the Republican Party to majority status in 2008.”

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301