SEIU Health Care Voters fail dry run but grow group by a healthy 1,603

This week, Health Care Voters took to polling locations across New Hampshire to recruit more health care activists in preparation for the upcoming primary. Although the initial plan of a ‘dry run’ fell short when rain showers and high winds persisted through the day, voter turnout leaned in the direction of health care.
Over 1,600 people joined New Hampshire for Health Care by signing its petition this week,” said Emmanuel Falck, field director for New Hampshire for Health Care. “We are building a strong group of Health Care Voters who will only support candidates who make health care a top priority. Teams in Manchester, Nashua, Dover and Keene participated in the municipal elections, strengthening the core of Health Care Voters in each of those communities.”
Candidate Vital Signs: NH for Health Care calls on Giuliani to remove misleading ad


New Hampshire for Health Care, along with thousands of Health Care Voters across the state, is calling on Mayor Giuliani to remove a new radio ad released last week that contains inaccurate public health statistics. Health Care Voters are asking Giuliani to stop resorting to scare tactics and misinformation on an issue of such monumental importance in the election.


Mayor Giuliani advertises that the chance of surviving prostate cancer in England is 44%, under what he terms socialized medicine, but information has come forward that the true number is over 74%. That is a difference of 30%, and a very misleading statement to present to New Hampshire voters. The Giuliani campaign has indicated that it will continue to air the radio ad despite the erroneous statistics; Health Care Voters are attending Giuliani’s public appearances in NH this week, circulating a flyer about the misleading ad and urging people to question Mayor Giuliani about it. Press release


Health Care Story: Across the Granite State, people share health care experiences


New Hampshire for Health Care has been working with Health Care Voters across the state to share their health care experiences, connecting real people to the facts and figures surrounding health care dialogue. Health Care Story profiles are located at Each week more people submit their own experience through our Web site and in conversations with organizers; reporters are encouraged to contact NH for Health Care if interested in a particular story.