ROMNEY RECORD: Free Market Health Care Reform

TheNew York Times : "On the Republican side, few candidates have been better prepared to deal with the issue than former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts,who helped push through that state's bipartisan health plan." (RobinToner, "2008 Candidates Vow To Overhaul U.S.Health Care," The New York Times , 7/6/07)

Governor Romney Will Apply Free-Market Principles To Health Care:

Governor Romney Unveiled A Bold Plan To Improve The Health Care System By Putting Conservative, Market-Based Principles To Work. "Governor Romney's health care reform plan is a comprehensive solution to America's health care ills that expands access to affordable, portable, quality, private health insurance. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all, government-run system, Governor Romney's plan recognizes the importance of the role of the states in leading reform and the need for innovation in dealing with rising health care costs and the problem of the uninsured." (Romney For President, "Expanding Access To Affordable Health Care," PressRelease, 8/24/07)

· Governor Romney's Plan Will Facilitate The Growth Of The Private Health Insurance Market. "Governor Romney believes that by expanding and deregulating the private health insurance market, we can decrease costs and ensure that more Americans have access to affordable, portable, quality, private health insurance." (Romney for President, "Expanding Access To Affordable Health Care," PressRelease, 8/24/07)

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Governor Romney Opposes Democrat Proposals For Government-Run Universal Health Care:

Governor Romney: "I Do Not Believe That Putting The Government In Charge Of Health Care For All Our Citizens Is The Way To Go." "Romney also voiced opposition to Edwards' universal health care plan, which would require businesses and other employers to either cover their employees or help finance their health insurance. … 'I'm not pleased with the fact that his approach is to have a government-sponsored health care plan where taxes are increased. I do not believe that putting the government in charge of health care for all our citizens is the way to go.'" (Dolly A Butz, "Romney Calls For Isolation Of Iran," Sioux City Journal , 2/19/07)

Governor Romney Does Not Support"Hillary-Care" Government-Run Health Care. "Following hisspeech, Romney told reporters how his health care plan in Massachusetts is different than the proposalforwarded by Sen. Hillary Clinton. 'Sen. Clinton's plan is large governmentbureaucracy and restrictions on the kind of care given,' he said. 'My planwould allow people to purchase private insurance, not government insurance. Nogovernment-managed health care and no increase in taxes.'" (Tim Rohwer, "Romney Visits Bluffs," Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil , 3/23/07)