Governor Romney Praised The Defeat Of Chavez's Constitutional Referendum:

Governor Romney: "Sunday's referendum in Venezuela marks an important victory for Venezuela's democracy and people. Despite Hugo Chavez's best efforts to use state resources, violence and intimidation to overwhelm the populace into submission, the Venezuelan people used democracy's best weapon to defeat him –their votes. Sunday's 'No' vote and the courageous efforts of Venezuela's pro-democratic movement are inspiring to all of us who cherish democracy. They peacefully and intelligently campaigned for democracy, and won. They made a compelling case that the people should put the national interest above those of one man. I am hopeful that this moment will allow Venezuelans to begin reclaiming their country, their freedoms and their future. While the friends of democracy are right to celebrate the Venezuelan people's victory, the international community must also continue to be vigilant about Chavez's dictatorial ambitions. Now is the time for the friends of freedom in and out of Venezuela to resist reprisals by Chavez against those who oppose him." (RomneyFor President, "Governor Mitt Romney On Venezuela," Press Release,12/3/07)

Governor Romney Believes America Must Promote Economic And Political Freedom In Latin America To Combat Chavez:

Governor Romney: "Chavez Personally Is A Buffoon." "Asked how he would deal with Chávez, Romney said that 'Chávez personally is a buffoon.' But he said that 'the right approach is not one of combating him. It is instead supporting his neighbors who are our friends, and making sure we finally pass the free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Peru, and build a relationship with Brazil.'" (Andres Oppenheimer, "Romney's Love For Latin America May Be Unrequited," The Miami Herald , 8/5/07)

Governor Romney: "He's A Delusionist And He's Coming Here Because The World Oil Markets Have Made Him Rich."