Story and audio of "The Unpress" at SNHU now posted

Thank-you for joining us (or helping with) on Thursday, Dec. 6, at Southern New Hampshire University for "The Unpress: New Gatekeepers of the N.H. Primary?" The conversation was insightful -- and timely. We've pulled together a page summarizing key comments which we hope you'll forward appropriately:

Also, note this story in Sunday's New York Times Magazine, by Matt Bai:

We have create a downloadable MP3 audio podcast of Thursday's conversation, as well as an audio stream, which are linked from this URL:

In addition, we've started a wiki page with links to comments on the session at:

And you can look at a Flickr set of photos at:

Let's keep this topic alive as the N.H. primary draws near. Please add links or comments. We're particularly looking for anecdotal stories about the impact of blogs or other web tools on campaign practice and outcomes. In addition, we may well want to call a followup convening sometime in the spring to go over what the primary shows us.

You can update or verify (and add links to) the listing of participants at:

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Thank-you for your participation, and support, and please let us know your ideas for fostering a civic dialog among the media and the public. And a special thanks to the sponsors of "The Unpress" event/project: Southern New Hampshire University, the Marlin Fitzwater Center at Franklin Pierce University, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications and Concord Monitor Online.

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