Red and Swing State Supporters Discuss Why Hillary Clinton is the Most Electable Candidate

MANCHESTER, NH – Supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton from red and swing states, including United States Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel of Arkansas today outlined why Senator Clinton is the most electable Democrat in the race for the nomination.

The new CBS/NYT poll released yesterday reveals that voters -- by wide margins -- think Hillary Clinton is the Democrat with the best chance of winning the general election. Nearly two-thirds of voters (63 percent), more than four times the number that chose Obama (14 percent), believe Hillary is the best bet for taking back the White House. The poll comes on the heels of others showing very similar findings: a CNN poll from last week shows Hillary more than doubling Obama (53-25) on who has the best chance to beat the Republican nominee, LA Times/Bloomberg has Hillary leading 54-17 on the same question, and a Time poll from mid-November shows Hillary is by far the most likely to win the general election (76-23 versus 61-38 for Obama).


“I come from a state that has, out of the last 17 presidential elections, voted for the Republican nominee 16 times. The only exception was LBJ in 1964. And yet I've been fortunate enough to have been honored by the people of my state in five consecutive elections with representing them, first as Secretary of State, then twice as governor, and now twice in the United States Senate. So I come from a place where a keen understanding of how independents and moderate Republicans vote is important. And based upon my experience and that understanding, I think Hillary Clinton has the best chance to be electable in swing parts of the country.”

“And Senator Clinton has demonstrated the strength necessary to deal with these problems, to bring about the changes that America needs. She's also demonstrated the strength and toughness necessary to prevail against her political opposition.”

“The Oval Office is not a place for on-the-job training. It helps to have someone who's seen what works, has seen what doesn't work, and who will give us the best chance of making the right choices to bring about the chance America needs. So her experience, her seasoning are important to bringing about not just elevating hope, but delivering on people's hopes. And I think that that will be very persuasive out in the heartland of the country where I'm from.”


“I come from Texas. I have a different perspective on a number of issues, but I also know my constituents in this state. They're strong on, if you will, family values. They're strong on a right to the Second Amendment. But yet they are open-minded on a number of issues, including immigration. We have a large population of Hispanics in the valley. You have to be able to represent all those interests. And Senator Clinton knows that the Democratic Party is a big tent. She understands the issues of people in Pennsylvania, in Arkansas, in Indiana, and in Texas.”

“Strength, leadership and a commitment on the issues is what will make a candidate electable, and electable not only for the Democratic nomination, but electable, of course, for the presidency of the United States of America. I am very comfortable with Senator Clinton being electable.”

“When Senator Clinton goes one-on-one with independents, it is a knockout punch. It is unbelievable. One, because they view her as personable, but there is substance. She talks to their issues. She talks to pain, but she also talks to their joy. And, frankly, the American public are pretty sour about their economic status, about the future of America.”

“When the independents decide who they fall toward, they're going to want someone strong and they know that can deliver the greatness of this country. And I think Senator Clinton has that, hands down. “


“I simply joined the call because of one critical point, which is that no Democrat has won the White House without carrying Arkansas. And Arkansas has been a critical state in presidential elections. Our six electoral votes were critical in 2000, such that hanging chads in Florida would have been irrelevant had we voted for the Democratic candidate. And there is no candidate that has a stronger and more active organization and energy here in Arkansas than Senator Clinton. That includes Mike Huckabee, our immediate past governor.”