Sen. Candidate Buckey says NH Senators' Delay On Energy Bill Threatens National Security

Lebanon, NH -- "By preventing a vote on the energy bill, our senators are working against America's national security," said Jay Buckey, democratic candidate to represent New Hampshire in the US Senate.

On Friday, an energy bill that had passed the House of Representatives was blocked in the Senate. According to the Washington Post, "the failure to close debate was a victory for the major oil companies, Southeastern utilities and coal-mining firms that had opposed the legislation."

"Currently, the US has few energy options - and our reliance on foreign oil creates a major security threat," Buckey said. "But New Hampshire's Republican Senators, John Sununu and Judd Gregg, helped block an energy bill that would have improved mileage standards and encouraged alternative energy sources."

The US is now spending an estimated $137 billion dollars annually to protect access to the Persian Gulf and its oil resources. "Instead of access to Persian Gulf oil as a vital national security interest, moving aggressively to renewable, clean energy should be our vital national security interest," Buckey said.

With energy as a major focus of his campaign, Buckey, a scientist and former astronaut, is advocating a new Apollo-style program for energy to improve national security, protect the environment, and create new jobs in New Hampshire and throughout the US.

"Blocking the energy bill helps the oil and gas industry, not the American people," said Buckey, who is not accepting contributions from special interests. "I believe that our senators should work for national security and our future, and I'm committed to changing our country's energy policy."

Biographical Information
Jay Buckey, M.D. is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire. He flew as a payload specialist astronaut on the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1998, and he also served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve for eight years. He is currently a professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. He and his family live in Hanover, NH.