AUFC - All Eyes on Sununu

Will Senator Sununu Again Stand With Bush and Big Oil Companies Making Record Profits – or Will He Stand Up for People of New Hampshire Squeezed at the Pump?

On Eve of Critical Vote in Senate, Will Sununu Once Again Stand in the Way of Bipartisan Energy Tax Bill that Would Take Huge Steps Towards Breaking the Nation’s Addiction to Foreign Oil, Slowing Global Warming and Creating Jobs by Investing in Renewable Energy?

Washington D.C. – All eyes are on Sen. John Sununu (R-NH) on the eve of a major vote expected in the U.S. Senate Thursday on the tax section of the Clean Renewable Energy and Conservation Tax Act of 2007 – comprehensive bipartisan energy legislation to significantly reduce our nation’s addiction to foreign oil, protect the environment, and create jobs by investing in renewable energy. Americans United for Change today called on Senator Sununu, who holds potentially the deciding vote to overcom e a Republican-led filibuster, to stand up for the people of New Hampshire feeling the pinch at the pump – not his friends in the big oil and gas industry who have contributed $210,930 to the Senator’s campaign coffers, according to The latest energy bill would repeal $12.7billion in tax breaks for the big oil and gas industry and reinvest in renewable energy.

Sen. Sununu voted against allowing an up-or-down vote on the previous version of the energy tax measure last Friday -- a version which passed with broad bipartisan support in the U.S. House on Dec. 6th. Sununu, who also voted against allowing a vote on similar energy tax legislation last June, remains non-committal on the latest revised version of the energy tax bill. While the measure voted on last week fell just 7 votes shy of votes needed to end a Republican-led filibuster , the revised version addresses any and all Senate Republicans’ concerns over small domestic oil and gas producers and means the 60 votes needed to proceed are reportedly now within grasp. Senator Sununu could potentially hold the deciding 60th vote needed to end a Republican-led filibuster.

“All eyes are on Senator Sununu as he potentially holds the key to moving forward bipartisan energy tax provisions that would help wean this nation from its addiction to foreign oil, help to slow global warming, and help create jobs by repealing big oil tax breaks and instead investing in renewable energy,” said Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Americans United. “We understand the Senator has received very generous support from the big gas and oil companies over the years, but this time -- with millions of Americans and thousands of New Hampshire citizens feeling the pinch at the pump -- we hold out hope that the Senator can wean himself away from his own addiction to campaign cash and do the right thing. Tomorrow the Senator will have a very simple choice to make: either stand with his friends in the big oil industry raking in record profits, or stand with his constituents that are paying the price.”