Kucinich Campaign - Constitutional forum in NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinichwill join a panel of experts and scholars here Sunday evening, December 16, fora televised forum to shed new light on the U.S. Constitution and itsrelevance and application to current political issues such as the war in Iraq,threatened aggression against Iran, and the Patriot Act, amongothers.

Kucinich, the only Democratic Presidential candidate whois pushing the Constitutional redress of impeachment against the President Bushand Vice President Cheney, will be the featured speaker at the first of threesuch forums in New Hampshire this month and next to “re-connect ourcitizens with the founding document that sets forthour principles and beliefs and establishes the basis for our laws andpolicies,” according to event organizers.

Sunday night’s session, which is expected to draw alive studio audience of 250 area residents, will be broadcast live from thestudios of MCAM television, Channel 23, 540 N. Commercial Street. Manchester.The program will reach MCAM’s 35,000 subscribers and will be made availableto other community access stations throughout the state. It will also besimulcast on www.kucinichtv.com. Itbegins at 8 p.m.

Audience members will be encouraging to participate inthe discussion by asking questions and making comments, and viewers on the www.kucinichtv.com website will be ableto email questions that will be answered live on the air, time permitting.

This first program will focus primarily on the Bill ofRights, which took effect on December 15, 1791. Gore Vidal, world renownedauthor and an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society, will launchthe evening with a 5 minute video filmed at his home in Los Angeles. JohnKaminski, Chair of Maine Lawyers for Democracy, will present the history of theBill of Rights up to the current issues and will join panelists Ray McGovern,retired CIA officer and commentator on intelligence-related issues since thelate 1990’s, Steve Cobble, co-founder of afterdowningstreet.org andCongressman Kucinich.

“The continuing threat to our Constitution byleaders who believe that they are above the law is not a Democratic issue or aRepublican issue or an Independent Party issue. It’s an American issue,and the more that voters know about how this sacred cornerstone of our nationis being violated, the better equipped and energized they will be to supportand defend it,” Kucinich said.

“This isn’t intended to be a historylesson,” Kucinich said, “but it could make history if it motivatescitizens of every political persuasion to work together in a common goal:Defending the Constitution.”

The schedule for subsequent forums, all of which will bebroadcast on MCAM and www.kucinichtv.com, is as follows: “Separation and Balance of Power” on January 6, and“Accountability” on January 20. Participants for upcoming eventswill be announced in the near future.

Organizers are planning a national “ConstitutionalConvention” sometime early next year. The prime mover behind this“Constitutional Initiative” is Herb Hoffman, a clinicalpsychologist in Ogunquit, Maine, who has been active in peace politics sincethe early 1960’s. Hoffman, who will serve as moderator for the series,said, “The goal of this new Constitutional Initiative is toidentify what we can do collectively and individually to restore crucialConstitutional principles to the fabric of our government and to inject thoseprinciples into the dialogue and debate among Presidential candidates, one ofwhom will be swearing an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution.”

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