NH for Health Care Releases Detailed Presidential Health Plan Comp

Over 70,000 Health Care Voters in New Hampshire to receive health care voters' guide

Concord, New Hampshire – With less than a month to go before New Hampshire voters participate in the first-in-the-nation primary, New Hampshire for Health Care is releasing a detailed comparison of the health care plans of the Democratic and Republican candidates for president.  The comparison provides information on how each of the plans addresses four key principles for health care reform advocated by Americans for Health Care, including whether the plan achieves universal coverage, and if it allows for a choice of physicians.

New Hampshire Health Care Voters have actively questioned candidates about their health care plans on the campaign trail, often pressing the candidates on whether their plans would leave out those they say they would cover.

"It's been a banner primary season for Health Care Voters in New Hampshire, because we're hearing the leading candidates from both sides of the aisle arguing over who has the best health care plan," said John J. Thyng, Jr., State Director of New Hampshire for Health Care. "But there are clear differences in how the candidates from each party approach fixing our broken health care system. The comparison helps voters understand which candidates are truly working for comprehensive health care reform, and is the basis for holding whoever is elected accountable for fixing the health care crisis."

New Hampshire for Health Care has been working since 2002 to identify and mobilize "Health Care Voters" who pledge to only support a candidate who makes health care reform a priority. Health Care Voters have been attending presidential candidate events throughout the 2008 campaign to highlight America's health care crisis and ask candidates their plans for ensuring access to quality, affordable health care for every American.

"When a presidential candidate comes to New Hampshire, we make sure they know to talk in detail about health care reform," said Health Care Voter Kathy Cain of Windham. "New Hampshire for Health Care's comparison helps Health Care Voters like me decide which candidates are truly going to work to fix our broken health care system. I'll be using the guide as a key resource in deciding who to support in the primary."

Health care plan comparison attached. <------- Click Here to View Comparisons