AUFC - Senator Sununu Cast Key Vote to Obstruct Bipartisan Energy Bill

As predicted, Senator John Sununu had the opportunity today to cast a deciding 60th vote to end a Republican-led filibuster against tax provisions in the Renewable Energy and Conservation Tax Act of 2007 -- meaningful legislation that would substantially help wean this nation from its addiction to foreign oil. Sadly, Senator Sununu, who has taken well over $200,000 in campaign contributions from the big oil and gas industries, proved today that he was unable to wean himself from his own addiction to campaign cash.

Senator Sununu turned a blind eye to the sacrifices being made by the people of New Hampshire every time they go to the pump and instead cast the deciding vote to protect the big oil and gas industries’ bottomline out of fear that the big oil money spigot would be shut off:

Astoundingly, Senator Sununu voted to kill the energy bill even though it included a 10 percent tax credit for consumers who buy biomass home heating units, including wood pellet stoves – a measure the Senator himself championed.

The people of NewHampshire need only follow the money to see whose interests Senator Sununu is really putting first in Washington.

Senate Republicans Block Energy Bill” Washington Post, 12/13/07