NRCC - Hodes Votes for Tax Increases over Clean AMT Patch

Hodes and Democrat Leaders Kill Clean AMT Patch, Load Legislation with Unnecessary Tax Hikes

Washington- Rep. Paul Hodes ( NH-02 ) last night proved once again his commitment to raising taxes, even at the expense of hard-working Americans. Instead of voting for a clean Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) patch without tax increases that actually has a chance of being signed into law, Hodes instead voted for burdening tax increases that will negatively impact the competitiveness of U.S. businesses and the American economy (House Roll Call 1153).

Hodes voted to kill an AMT patch free of tax increases, which passed overwhelmingly in the Senate last week (House Roll Call 1152). Hodes could have broken with his leadership to ensure 20 million middle-class Americans would not get hit by an unnecessary tax increase. Instead, Hodes and the Democrats continue to block this legislation, risking that American families will face, on average, a $2,000 tax increase.

“While Hodes and the Democrats try to rush out of town with nothing to show except for a laundry list of failed accomplishments and broken promises, middle-class Americans will spend their holiday season worrying about how they will pay for even more of the Democrats ’ tax increases,” said NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger. “ Paul Hodes has shirked his responsibility to do the people’s business in Washington, and his constituents in New Hampshire will certainly register their discontent on Election Day.”

When will Paul Hodes put the hard-working middle-class citizens of New Hampshire above his Democrat leaders in Washington?