Sen Obama Campaign Unveils Rural Agenda

On conference call with Granite Staters, Policy experts discuss challenges facing rural America, how Obama’s plan will support rural New Hampshire communities

MANCHESTER ,NH—Senator Barack Obama’s New Hampshire campaign hosted a conference call with NewHampshire voters this evening to announce Senator Obama’s rural agenda. On the call, policy experts discussed the challenges facing rural America and how Senator Obama’s policies will support New Hampshire’s rural communities.

As a senator from a largely rural state, Obama has worked to ensure rural America’sprosperity and vitality. As president, he will help rural America’s workers and small businesses thrive.

“Wehave been burdened for many, many years with a federal farm policy that really makes no sense for agriculture here in the Northeast and in New Hampshire,” said Steve Taylor, former New Hampshire Agriculture Commissioner. “The Senator’s policy…addresses that concern…particularly with regard to expanding the opportunities…that are right under our noses here.”

Taylor was joined on the call by Bob Sussman, former Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Mil Duncan, sociologist and Director of the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire.

Obama’s agenda will support New Hampshirerural communities by:

  • Providing needed support for family farmers in New Hampshire;
  • Creating economic opportunities in NewHampshire’s rural areas including a focus on the state’s farming and forestry industries;
  • Enabling New Hampshire to take advantage of the growth of clean renewable energy in this country;
  • Supporting rural job growth through a Microenterprise Initiative that will provide training and tax credits to small businesses in rural areas; and
  • Improving rural education, providing incentives to attract teachers to rural schools, and ultimately seeking to retain young people in rural America.

You can read the full plan HERE.