NH Pro-Choice Leaders Praise Sen Clinton’s Commitment to Women’s Issues in Letter to Granite State Voters

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, former New Hampshire State Senator and prominent pro-choice leader Katie Wheeler announced her endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton. Wheeler, Founder and former Board Member of NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation and a former Board Member of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, joined 28 other pro-choice leaders from across the state in signing a letter to thousands of voters that details Senator Clinton’s record of fighting for and standing up for women, including the right to choose.

The complete text of the letter follows:

Dear Neighbor –

It is time for a new beginning, and as voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state, we have been given the important task of helping to send a President to Washington. With less than a month until the primary on January 8th, now is the time to stand behind the candidate who has been a longtime and outspoken advocate for reproductive rights and has the strength and experience to protect women’s health.

Hillary Clinton believes in the freedom of women to make their own decisions about the most personal and significant matters affecting their lives. That is why she strongly supports Roe v. Wade.

Throughout her career, Hillary has also championed a proactive agenda to advance women’s health and well-being. She has worked to increase access to the full range of reproductive health services for women at every income level; to increase access to international family planning; and to reduce teen pregnancy. Hillary has supported every pro-choice bill introduced and voted on since she came to the Senate. She championed the Prevention First Act and helped lead a successful three year fight to secure over-the-counter access for Plan-B emergency contraception.

For six and a half years, President Bush has played politics with women’s health, chipped away at reproductive rights, and worked to turn Washington, DC into an evidence-free zone, where facts are subordinate to opinions and ideology. Hillary recognized the danger posed to Roe v. Wade by the nominations of Samuel Alito and John Roberts to the Supreme Court. She spoke out about this threat to the right to choose and opposed both of them.

When Hillary Clinton is President, she will appoint judges to our courts who understand that Roe v. Wade isn’t just binding legal precedent, it is the touchstone of our reproductive freedom, the embodiment of our most fundamental rights, and no one - no judge, no governor, no Senator, no President – has the right to take it away.

As President, she will lead us on a different course, one that affirmatively promotes women’s health and well-being, honors families’ privacy and restores our fundamental constitutional freedoms . Hillary knows the difference that good information, good education and good health care can make in empowering women and girls to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. If New Hampshire elects Hillary Clinton, we will once again have a partner in the White House. Together, we will work toward a time when science trumps ideology, when every woman – and every American – has access to the health care and education they need, and when every child born in this country and around the world is wanted, cherished and loved.

Please join us in making her campaign a success and in showing the rest of the country that New Hampshire believes Hillary Clinton has what it takes to be our next president.


Katherine Wells Wheeler , Durham
Former State Senator; Founder and Former Board Member of NARAL Pro-Choice NH Foundation; and Former Board Member Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Christy Dolat Bartlett , Concord
President Merrimack Valley Day Care Services Board of Directors

Barbara Carpenter , Kensington
Pro-Choice Activist

Leah Caswell , Portsmouth
Former NARAL Pro-Choice NH Board Member

Monica Ciolfi , Concord
Former NARAL Pro-Choice NH Board Member

Noele M Clews , Portsmouth
Former Portsmouth Assistant Mayor and Former School Board Chair

Susan Colwell , Manchester
Former President of Manchester YWCA and Former Chair of NH Commission on the Status of Women

Virginia H. Eshoo , Portsmouth
Pro-Choice Activist

Jennifer Frizzell , Concord
Former NH Public Affairs Director for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Lindsay Hanson , Concord
Pro-Choice Activist

Martha Hennessey , Hanover
Pro-Choice Activist

Bev Hollingworth , Hampton
Executive Councilor

E. Barclay Jackson , Portsmouth
NARAL Pro-Choice NH Board Member

Sandy Kanes-Keans , Rochester
Former State Representative; NARAL Pro-Choice NH PAC Board Member; and Board Member NH Civil Liberties Union

Molly Kelly , Keene
State Senator

Heather Krans , Exeter
Vice Chair, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England Action Fund

Bette Lasky , Nashua
State Representative

Gail McCarthy , Goffstown
NARAL Pro-Choice NH Board Member

Martha McLeod , Franconia
State Representative

Kris Moody , Barrington
NH NOW President

Terie Norelli , Portsmouth
Speaker of the NH House; Former NARAL Pro-Choice NH Board Member; and Former Chair NARAL Pro-Choice NH PAC Board

Pilar Olivo , Concord
Chair of NARAL Pro-Choice NH Board

Elizabeth C. Sensenig , Plainfield
Nurse Practitioner

Jill Silos, Ph.D , Newmarket
University Professor and Pro-Choice Activist

Laura Thibault , Thornton
Former Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice NH

Kate Vaughn, Manchester
NARAL Pro-Choice NH PAC Board Member

Mary Jane Wallner , Concord
Majority Leader, NH State House of Representatives

Pat Yosha , Exeter Former Chair NH Commission on the Status of Women and Board Member NH Civil Liberties Union

Ann Zachos , Manchester
Pro-Choice Activist