Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich Host New Year's Eve Party in Manchester

MANCHESTER, NH - U. S. Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth will be ringing in 2008 with music, merriment, and a message of optimism at a special New Year's Eve party and concert on Monday, December 31 at the MCAM TV-23 Studios at 540 N. Commercial Street in Manchester, NH.

The event -- "Resolution for Peace: A New Year's Concert for the Community"-- is open to the public and will be televised live on TV-23 and streamed live on the internet at

Entertainment for the evening will feature a number of premier musicians from the New York City area, including singer-songwriter Ed Hamell, who performs under the moniker "Hamell on Trial"; two stars of the "downtown" jazz scene-violinist Jenny Scheinman and drummer Ben Perowsky; band-leading bassist (and regular Ani DiFranco sideman) Todd Sickafoose; folk singer Chris Brown; and other special guests.

Tickets for the "Resolution for Peace" concert are $30 for adults and $10 for students, admission includes food and beverages. Tickets are available at There will also be a smaller pre-concert reception with Rep. Kucinich and the musicians for those purchasing a $50 ticket. There is no admission charge for children 12 and under.

Besides music, dancing, food and fun, the event will also focus attention on the plight of the homeless in the area. Liberty House, a transitional shelter for homeless veterans located in Manchester, is slated to lose its entire federal funding next year, even though its services are needed more than ever. Almost half the homeless males in the U. S. are veterans, and with thousands of soldiers returning from the Iraq War-and housing foreclosures rising-the number of people without a roof over their heads on any given night will skyrocket in 2008.

No other Presidential candidate in memory can honestly claim that he or she understands what being homeless is like more than Kucinich, who grew up in a poor family that sometimes resorted to sleeping in cars and parks after being evicted from one apartment or another.

Appropriately, the residents of Liberty House and other homeless shelters in the area have been invited to attend the "Resolution for Peace" concert free of charge.

"Our Great Nation has always offered dreams and hopes for prosperity to its residents, but at the same time, it too often fails to ensure that its underprivileged receive basics like health care, housing and job training," said Kucinich. "Standing with the homeless in New Hampshire to welcome the New Year is my way of expressing to all Americans that it's time for a renewed commitment to the American dream so that this country can truly be the land of opportunity for all of its citizens."

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