Two big endorsements for Obama: Portsmouth Herald and Valley News

Barack Obama received two major New Hampshire newspaper endorsements today:

Portsmouth Herald: Vote for Obama in Democratic primary Jan. 8

More than any of the other Democrats in the race, we believe Obama has made the most compelling and persuasive case for his candidacy. He has talked throughout this campaign about the "urgency of the now" but has shown patience to develop both his campaign and his proposals…What separates Obama is a positive vision combined with a unique temperament for leadership. He combines the best attributes of natural competence and political inspiration. He inspires trust that he will make sound judgments.

Valley News: The Case For Obama

Ultimately, though, the case for Obama is not just what he proposes to do but how he proposes to do it. Voters who doubt Obama's leadership skills need only look at his well-run primary campaign, which has taken on the Hillary Clinton juggernaut. Clinton is a formidable candidate -- knowledgeable on the issues, a sharp debater, tenacious. She is more polished and more practiced than Obama. But she is less candid and less likely to create the working majority needed to govern effectively. She describes herself as battle-hardened, the candidate most able to beat back the Republicans. But that's precisely the problem: She is an armored warrior in a country weary of partisan and cultural warfare; Obamawears no armor. He seeks reconciliation -- at home and abroad — and steps forward, ready to speak a language of common understanding.