Clinton Campaign - DAY 1: Working for Change, Working for You Tour - “The Hillary I Know”

Nobody knows Hillary Clinton better than her husband President Bill Clinton, so who better to kick off a four-day, 10-county tour that will include the former President, Hillary, and New Hampshire supporters. Today, President Clinton will speak to Granite State voters about the Hilary he knows, the one who has been fighting for change for more than 35 years. He does so as the campaign picks up momentum from the recent WMUR/CNN poll , which has Hillary ahead in New Hampshire, 38 percent to 26 percent. This week, Hillary also received a major newspaper endorsement from Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Laconia Citizen, which can be read here .

Today, the NH for Hillary campaign will also release a new TV ad, titled “Make it Happen.” The ad emphasizes that with a war to end and an economy to fix, we've never needed change more, or the strength and experience to make it happen. You can view the ad here .

President Clinton knows that Hillary will work hard everyday for Americans. A recently launched Web site. , features testimonies from friends, constituents and people across the country who know Hillary best.

President Clinton kicks off the day in Wolfeboro, where he will speak to voters at the Wright Museum. The museum contains the uniform of Rene Gagnon, who was one of the U.S. Marines immortalized by Joe Rosenthal's famous World War II photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima .

In Wolfeboro, the President will be introduced by Paul Hoiriis. Paul is a volunteer in Carroll County who used to be a lawyer, but gave up law for his passion in education. Paul is now a teacher's assistant at a school in Meredith and, at the same time, is going to night school to get his masters in education. He is greatly impressed with both the depth of Senator Clinton’s approach to the issues and the poised leadership she has demonstrated while on the campaign trail.

President Clinton will then move on to Plymouth, where he will speak at an event at the Holderness School. He will be introduced by Peg Hendel, a retired educator whose daughter served in Iraq as a helicopter pilot. Both of Peg’s daughters have served overseas, and she is concerned with our standing in the international community. In Hillary, Peg sees a leader that is the most qualified with the most experience abroad to repair our relationships with other countries.

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