New Clinton Ad: "Change Only Comes with Experience"

MANCHESTER, NH – The Clinton campaign today launched a new ad in New Hampshire highlighting Senator Clinton’s commitment to working hard to make real change happen for our country.

The 30-second spot, entitled “Make it Happen,” features Senator Clinton talking about her 35 years of experience making change for our children, our troops, and our families. She also emphasizes that this election is not about choosing change over experience – it is about picking the candidate with the strength and experience to make change happen.

Watch the ad here:


Following is the script for the ad.

“Make It Happen”

TV :30

CLINTON : I'm Hillary Clinton and I approved this message

CLINTON : I've seen what change takes.

CLINTON : It doesn't happen because you want it to, or because you hoped for it.

CLINTON : You have to work for it

CLINTON : I have thirty-five years experience making change, for kids, for our troops, for families.

CLINTON : This election isn't about choosing change over experience.

CLINTON : Change only comes with experience.

CLINTON : And with the war to end and an economy to fix we've never needed change more, or the strength and experience to make it happen.