NH GOP - Congressman Hodes 'Bridge To No Where'

NH GOP Blasts $432,000 Earmark For “Virtual” Mt. Washington

Concord , NH Today the New Hampshire Republican Party criticized a $432,000 earmark secured by Representative Paul Hodes as wasteful pork-barrel spending.

According To A Hodes Press Release,“ [T]he Federal Money Will Be Used To Set Up A ‘Virtual Field Trip’ For Students Around The Country” In The Omnibus Appropriations Bill. (Paul Hodes, Press Release, “Congressman Hodes Announces a $432,000 Grant for Mt. Washington Observatory”)

The Earmark Announcement Comes A Week After USA Today Named Hodes As One Of The House’s Worst Special-Interest Earmark Spenders. (Matt Kelley,“'Earmark' Analysis Shows Money Follows Power,” USA Today, December 11, 2007)

If students want to check out Mt. Washington without spending more tax dollars, they can already visit www.mountwashington.org.

GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen: “After earning the distinction as one of the worst pork-barrel spenders in Congress, it seems that Representative Paul Hodes has found his very own ‘bridge to nowhere.’ This is exactly the kind of project that wastes of taxpayer dollars and adds to the federal budget deficit.”