Buckey to Congress: Change Iraq Strategy By Developing Bold Energy Policy

Lebanon, NH--“Congress has once again approved continued operations in Iraq without forcing any change in strategy,” said Jay Buckey, candidate to represent New Hampshire in the US Senate. “They continue to borrow money to fund the war and ignore the major role that energy policy plays in this conflict.”

“To give ourselves options, we need to let the world know that we are serious about reducing our dependence on Persian Gulf oil,” Buckey said. “Until we make this commitment our economy remains vulnerable to events in the Persian Gulf, and we remain engaged in the region.”

Buckey noted that both the Iraq funding resolution and the recently passed energy bill fail to meet the serious challenges that our nation is facing.

“Failure to take appropriate action on these issues is compromising our national security and will take a toll on our economy,” he said. “What we need to do is develop a new energy economy in the US and inspire the world with our leadership.”