Clinton Campaign - Winning Over Iowans

* If You Read One Thing: Hillary leads Iowa by 4 points and New Hampshire by 14, according to the latest from American Research Group, making it the second poll in as many days to show her leading the Hawkeye state.

* Making News Today: Hillary kicks off her “ Working for Change, Finding Common Ground” tour in New Hampshire, highlighting her record of bipartisanship on a bus tour. She’ll be introduced by Steve Walter from Londonderry, a Republican whose son has diabetes, and Jeff Volk, a former Bush supporter who switched to Hillary after her quick action when his family was caught in the path of Hurricane Katrina. Stay tuned for details.

* Obama on Defensive Over ‘Present’ Votes: Sen. Obama found himself struggling to explain why he was the only lawmaker in the IL state senate to vote “present” (rather than take a position) on a number of important bills. Watch NBC:

* End the War: Joined by Wesley Clark, Richard Holbrooke, and others, Hillary said e nding the war in Iraq and helping troops with both physical and mental injuries will be her top priority as president . Read it here:

* 99 Counties: Hillary’s “Every County Counts” tour of Iowa was a resounding success. In total, Hillary and 49 surrogates criss-crossed the state meeting thousands of potential caucus goers in all 99 counties in five days. Highlights of the tour can be seen at:

* HRC Picks Up New Caucus-Goers: The Des Moines Register and Newsweek report anecdotes of Hillary winning over potential caucus-goers. Read more on the In other news, The Hill picks up on a seldom-noticed story in this campaign – Hillary’s strong labor support from unions comprised of over six million members, roughly double that of any other candidate.